Results of USW 9705 Merger votes

USW Local 9705 Members at:  Red Mountain, KSCU, KC Recycling, Sandman Hotel, KIS, IHA and Waneta Plaza Have voted 96% in favour of becoming a part of USW Local 1-405!

USW Local 9705 Members at Teck Trail ops have voted 87% in favour of Becoming a part of USW Local 480!

To all of the Membership,

Thank you! Especially to all who took the time to attend meetings and to vote!

We had an excellent turn out especially considering the difficulties of doing this during the pandemic.  It was an incredibly strong vote of confidence for both mergers.

I am confident that this merger will be good for all of the members in all three locals; both in terms of servicing, strengthening our membership in each unit and to take part in the larger union, through future events and training.

I encourage you all to take this opportunity to become more involved in your own workplaces and in the local as a whole by putting your hands up as shop stewards, safety stewards and volunteering to take part in any training that may be offered.  Unions are built from the bottom up, not the top down like companies.  They are strongest when there is strong support on the office and shop floors!

We will begin the transition process immediately, but like the voting and all that went before; events like the pandemic and the union elections that are happening right now will continue to make this a slow transition.  So, please have patience. Again I’m sure this will be a good change for all of us, so good things are worth taking your time to do right.

Thank you all!

Ron McKenzie