KSCU Bargaining Bulletin – How we got here – November 2016-

Below is some information about what was presented in bargaining that lead to the lockout. 

Click on the link to see all of our struggles so far: (click here for link)

We are now into our third week and Kootenay Savings still refuses to come back to the table and discuss any workable solutions to their pension concerns. It’s thier way or nothing.

They seem happy to see us freeze out in the rain and snow and are forcing our customers to use Internet banking or wait in huge lines. There were even rumours today that direct deposit pay checks were not processed, leaving many locals scrambling to make sure their accounts stayed out of the red.  

If the company keeps us out of our jobs much longer they will risk losing their loyal customers. This is just wreckless on KSCU’S part.

Please support our workers by exercising your right as a credit union shareholder to order the board to get back to the bargaining table and agree to an amicable solution to the pension issue. 

Call or write the board of directors directly.  (contact info click here) 

Our long service employees deserve the retirement security that they have worked so hard for!