Red Mountain

View the Red Mountain Collective Agreement – 2018-2021



As a new employee, you should be aware that Red Mountain is a Unionized worksite. We are members of the United Steelworkers, Local 9705.  We have negotiated a Collective Agreement with Red Mountain Resort’s management team.  You are represented by Departmental Shop Stewards, Unit Trustees and the 9705 Executive Council.


Union Cards

It is important to fill out a Union card in order to be registered with our organization to receive strike pay and assistance from our National Office.  Cards are available from Shop Stewards or the Trustees.



Probation and Recall Rights

Full time or Part time seasonal employees are on probation for a period of 20 working days for the date of first hire.  Employees hired on a year-round basis for a special trade or skills are on probation for 60 calendar days. Once you have completed your probationary period you have a right to return to work next season, Recall Rights.  You must inform the Company in writing or electronically of your intent to return next season by filling out a recall form prior to the first Monday in October.  Failure to notify the Company could result in termination of employment.

Sick Fund

This is a cooperative agreement where you and the Company both contribute money according to your hours of work.  This fund is administered by the Trustees.  If you become sick or injured, not on the job, contact one of the Trustees to apply for benefits.  Employees must have been sick or injured for at least two consecutive days to be eligible.  Benefits payable to you are 50% of your normal daily wage.  Other conditions and restrictions are in place in order to operate this fund.

Extended Health and Dental Plan

This plan is offered to all employees however, there are certain eligibility requirements.  The plan has three components; Life Insurance, Extended Health Services and Dental Coverage.  Anyone interested please contact Bruce Ferguson, the plan administrator.

Joint Health and Safety Committee

This joint Union/Company Committee regulated by Worksafe BC.  The Committee is responsible for holding monthly safety meetings, workplace inspections, accident investigations and making recommendations to resolve safety issues.  As an employee it is your duty to report Health or Safety issues to your Supervisor, Shop Steward or a member of the Committee.  The Union seeks to have a Union representative in each Department at the Ski Hill.  If you are interested in becoming a representative, please contact the Union Safety Chairperson.


Collective Agreement

Copies of your Collective Agreement are available from your Shop Steward or Trustees or online by clicking the link at the top of this page.  Your Collective Agreement defines your rights and privileges as a Union member.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Union representative.

Union Meetings

Union Meetings are held once a month during the winter season.  Watch for Membership Meeting Bulletins on your Department Bulletin Board detailing time, place and agenda.  Meetings are used to inform the Membership about what is going on in the workplace and to answer your questions.  The meeting atmosphere is very informal and friendly, you are encouraged to attend.

Red Mountain Unit Trustees

Unit Chairperson                                  Bruce Ferguson (250-362-7384 ext. 240)

Recording Secretary                                —Vacant—

Health & Safety Chairperson           Samantha Troy

Treasurer                                                —Vacant—

Grievance Chair                                   Fred Lewis

Shop Stewards will be elected at the first meeting of each year

USW Local 9705 Executive Council

President                                             Ron McKenzie

Vice-President                                       Holly Jenkin

Financial Secretary                              Amanda Gibb

Recording Secretary                            Roxanne Piette

Treasurer                                               Tracey Gausdal

Contact Information

USW Local 9705 Office

#2 – 910 Portland Street

Trail, BC, V1R 3X7

Phone 250-364-1231


Webpage: (you are on it now 😉