View the Teck CBA 2017-2021

Grievance Chairperson:  Mike Mozak

Safety Chairperson:  Trevor Allegretto

Job Evaluation:  Adrian Huber, Mike Mozak, Amy Haines

Recording Secretary:  Roxanne Piette

Shop Stewards/Safety Reps

Business Development/Tech Support:  Adrian Jelly

ART:  Holly Jenkin

Environment:   Trevor Allegretto

Assay Office:  Rob Darrah, Carly McConnachie, Jodi Tompkins

TOB: Guy Stokes, Ross Gitlin

Business Development and Tech Support: Adrian Jelly

Casual Employees: Vacant

If you would like to know who is the Shop Steward for any areas not listed here or are interested in becoming a Steward please contact us at the Union hall!